Department of Materials Science And Metallurgical Engineering


Engineers manufacture and process materials, design and construct components or structures using materials, select materials and analyze failures of materials. Responsible engineers are interested in improving the performance of the product being manufactured or designed. Our understanding of the relationship between structure and properties provides the basis for both our selection of existing materials and our development of new materials. Controlling microstructure has led to many new metal alloys and ceramics, while manipulating molecular structure has produced a vast spectrum of polymers. Materials engineers have juggled the structure of composite materials to produce unique properties. The environment present during processing and application also affects the behavior of a material often leading to its early failure.

Materials Science and Engineering is the scientific study of the interrelationships between processing, structure and properties of all classes of materials. Material Scientists study the formation of new compounds, phases and microstructure as well as the characterization of the properties. Materials engineering focuses on the synthesis of materials in useful quantities, and on the processing of component materials into engineering products.


Dr. Anju Dixit
Assistant Profesor

Dr. Vijay Kumar Kashyap

Assistant Professor
M.Tech, Ph.D
IIT Kanpur
Specialization: Electronic Ceramics
Area of Interest: Inorganic oxygen permeable membranes

Er. Bhoomika Yadav
Assistant Professor
M.Tech ,Ph.D(Pursuing) (Materials Technology)
IIT- BHU Varanasi
Specialization: Electronic Ceramics
Area of Interest: High Dielectric Materials

Dr. Alka Gupta

Assistant Professor
M.Tech, Ph.D.
IIT Kanpur

Er. Ankur Katiyar

Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Metallurgical Engineering)
IIT- BHU Varanasi
Specialization: Alloy Technology
Area of Interest: Corrosion Behavior of Materials and Computational Thermodynamics .

Er. Mangesh Kr. Vidyarthi

Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Metallurgical Engineering)
IIT- BHU Varanasi
Specialization: Extractive Metallurgy
Area of Interest: Sponge Iron & Alternative Route of Iron Making.

Er. Shivendra Kr. Trivedi

Assistant Professor
B.Tech (Materials & Metallurgical Engineering)
IIT Kanpur
Specialization: Metallogrphy
Area of Interest: Computational Material Science


The department has the following five laboratories:
  1. Material Characterization Laboratory
  2. Metallography Laboratory
  3. Ceramic Laboratory
  4. Corrosion Laboratory
  5. Furnance Laboratory

1. Material Characterization Laboratory:

The laboratory has facilities to study electrical, magnetic, electronic and optical properties of materials: Hall effect set-up, Study of dependence of Hall coefficient on temperature, Four probe set-up, Dielectric constant set-up, Hysteresis loop tracer, Planck’s constant determination, Magneto-resistance set-up, P-N junction set-up, Quinck’s tube set-up. In addition we also have experimental facilities for particulate materials and crystallography.

2. Metallography Laboratory:

The laboratory has sample preparation facilities: Abrasive cut-off wheel machine, Specimen mounting press, Dry & wet belt grinders, Hand grinders, Single and Two-disc polisher, Electrolytic polisher cum etcher, and study of their characteristics with the aid of Optical Microscopes and Trinocular metallurgical microscope with CCTV and image analysis system

3. Ceramic Laboratory :

The laboratory has facilities for Synthesis and Characterization of advanced ceramic materials: Ball mill, Oven, Digital Balance, Hot Plate, Magnetic Stirrer, Distillation Unit, Hydraulic Press and Fume Hood Chamber.

4.Corrosion Laboratory:

The laboratory has facilities to study the corrosion behavior of metals and alloys: Salt spray chamber, Vicker’s Hardness, Rockwell Hardness Tester and Multi Tribo Tester.

5. Furnance Laboratory :

Muffle furnace, High temperature furnaces, Tubular furnace and Oven.

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