Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1996 with the inception of U.I.E.T. to cater undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering.

The goal of our academic program is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to address a variety of societal needs. Our program at the undergraduate level prepares students for entry-level work as graduate engineer trainee or for graduate study in engineering/management where a fundamental engineering background constitutes a desirable foundation.

The Department's mission is to be a leader in education and research. We seek to produce future leaders for industry, academia, government, and society leaders whose vision is founded upon fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, perspective and ethics.

The teaching programs in the department cover all of the core disciplinary areas of mechanical engineering including Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Materials, Fluid Mechanics, CAD, CAM, Thermodynamics, Production Process, Machine Design, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Academic course work and projects are designed to endow students with the ability to apply knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, providing leadership and technical expertise.


Er. Ramendra Singh Niranjan

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ajeet Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor
Er. Arpit Srivastava

Assistant Professor
M.Tech , Ph.D(Pursuing)
Er. Ranbir Mukhya

Assistant Professor
Er. Yastuti Rao Gautam

Assistant Professor
Er. Mukesh Kr Verma

Assistant Professor
Er. Vikash Katiyar

Assistant Professor

Er. Shishupal Singh

Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering Department has eight laboratories that provide practical exposure to students in various discipline of mechanical engineering. Following are the main lab under this department:
  1. Material Testing Lab
  2. Metrology lab
  3. I.C. Engine Lab
  4. Kinematics Lab
  5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
  6. Mechanical Vibration Lab
  7. CAD Lab
  8. Fluid Mechanics Lab

1. Material Testing Lab :

This lab deals with testing of material such as hardness, fatigue and torsion. It has Torsion Testing M/C, Rotary Fatigue Testing M/C, Rotary Cantilever, Type Fatigue Testing, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell Hardness Tester and Vicker Hardness Tester.

2. Metrology lab :

This lab concern with testing of surface roughness, measuring dimensions of screw thread with the help of sophisticated measuring devices like Screw Gauge, Vernier caliper etc. Lab has Stroboscope, Profile Projector, Micro Meter, Vernier Caliper, Depth Gauge and Surface Roughness Tester.

3. I.C. Engine Lab :

I.C. Engine lab address real working process of C.I. and S.I. engine to student which helps them to understand the entire function of 2/4 stroke engine. Lab possess Single Cylinder 2-Stroke S.I. Engine, Cut section model of (a) 2-Stroke S.I. Engine (b) 4-stroke C.I. Engine and Valve mechanism.

4. Kinematics Lab :

Kinematics lab demonstrates the working principle of standard mechanism. Lab has Cam and Follower mechanism, Simple Gear Train, Quick Return Motion Mechanism, Oldham’s Coupling, Peaucellier Mechanism, Chebyshev Mechanism, Hart’s Mechanism, Pantograph Mechanism, Grasshopper Mechanism, Film Moving Mechanism, Band and Block Brake, Double Shoe Brake, Different types of Gear, Shafts, Pulleys and Couplings and Differential Assembly.

5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab:

RAC lab gives practical exposure to mechanical students to calculate cooling load. Lab has Window type air conditioning Test rig, Refrigeration test rig, and Basic Components of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system.

6. Mechanical Vibration Lab :

This lab is fully devoted to give in hand practical experience of studying and measuring single-degree vibration. Lab is fully equipped with One Dimensional Universal Vibration that comprises eleven apparatus viz. Simple Pendulum, Compound Pendulum, Bifilar Suspension, Helical Spring, Undamped Free Vibration of Spring Mass System, Damped Forced Vibration of Spring Mass System, Undamped Torsional Vibration of Single Rotor Shaft, Free Vibration of 2-Rotar System, Damped Torsional Oscillation, Dunkerley’s Rule Apparatus, Forced Lateral Vibration of the Beam for Different Damping. Also, it has Whirling of Shaft Apparatus and Static/Dynamic Balancing Apparatus.

7. CAD Lab :

Recently developed CAD lab provide working knowledge on Computer aided design and drafting to students in order to meet the need of industry. Lab has 20 Pentium 4 systems with advanced software.

8. Fluid Mechanics Lab:

Fluid mechanics lab provides practical knowledge on various fluid mechanics principle. Lab is equipped with Falling Ball Apparatus, Efflux Time Test Rig, Venturimeter Test Rig, Orifice Meter Test Rig, Bernoulli’s Apparatus, Centrifugal Pump Test rig and Fluid flow through straight pipe Test rig.

Course Curriculum

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