Department of Electronics Communication And Engineering


The rapid development in Electronics and Communications initiated the inception of a Department of Electronics and Communication in 1996. Currently the department offers a U.G. course i.e. Four-year B.Tech. and P.G. course in M.Sc. (Electronics) course in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The department offers basic as well as advance courses such as Digital signal processing, VLSI design & Technology etc under its curriculum. The department has well-established Basic & advanced Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analog communications, Microprocessor, Digital signal processing, Fiber optics, Digital communications, Microwaves and Instrumentation laboratories. The department has active interaction with reputed institutes like IIT (Kanpur), HBTI (Kanpur).

The faculty are actively involved in research in the areas of Digital Communications, Signal processing, Instrumentation and Control, VLSI and Microprocessor.


  • To help the students and teachers to reach their full potential by providing multifaced, supportive learning and teaching environment.
  • To enhance University status as a major research university and center for higher education.
  • To position the University as the leading provider of outreach services in collaboration with other institutes of higher learning and research to users on and off the campus.
  • To provide global access to information published worldwide in many disciplines in support of qualitative research and education at the University level.


Er. Neeraj Kumar
Associate Profesor

Area of Specialization: Power Electronics & Drives


Dr. Vishal Awasthi
Assistant Profesor

Area of Specialization:Power electronics & Control System


Er. Parul Awasthi
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(MITS, Gwalior)

Area of Specialization:Comm. Control & Networking

Dr. Ajay Tiwari
Assistant Profesor


Area of Specialization:Electronics

Er. Somesh Malhotra
Assistant Profesor

M.Sc. Electronics, A.M.I.E.T.E

Area of Specialization:Optical Networks

Er. Preeti Singh
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(Tezpur University, Assam)

Area of Specialization: Electronics Design & Technology

Er. Atul Agnihotri
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(A.I.E.T., Lucknow)

Area of Specialization: Electronics Inst. & Control

Er. Ajeet Srivastava
Assistant Profesor


Area of Specialization:Advance laser processing Technology

Er. Anand Kumar Gupta
Assistant Profesor


Area of Specialization: Microprocessor

Er. Amit Kumar Katiyar
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(H.B.T.I., Kanpur)

Area of Specialization:Electronics & Communication Engineering

Er. Avinash Chaudhary
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(G.B.P.E.C., H.N.B. Central University, Srinagar)

Area of Specialization: Digital Signal Processing

Er. Ompal
Assistant Profesor

M.Tech(M.M.M. Engg.College, Gorakhpur)

Area of Specialization: Digital Systems


There are following labs in Electronics & Communication Engineering Department:
  1. Digital Signal Processing Lab
  2. Communication Labs
  3. Microprocessor Lab
  4. Control & Instrumentation Lab
  5. Basic Electronics Lab
  6. Digital Electronics Lab
  7. Analog and digital integrated circuit Lab

1. Digital Signal Processing Lab:

DSP lab that has been established recently provides facility to students to do design exercises in signal processing. The key feature of this lab are to generate different functions e.g., u(n), r(n) etc. with help of DSP kit & Software.

2. Communication Labs:

The Department has four laboratories of Communication to familiarize the students with the different analyses of digital, analog, microwave & optical signals viz. (a) Digital communication (b) Analog communication lab (c) Optical Fiber Communication (d) Microwave Communication Lab. Each laboratory contains sophisticated equipments like Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Training Kits.

3. Microprocessor Lab :

Microprocessor lab caters to the students to learn the skills of application of microprocessor in different fields. Practicals on 8085/8086 Kits using Assembly Language Programming & Interfacing with other devices is the key feature of this lab.

4.Control & Instrumentation Lab :

This lab is used to familiarize the student about the different characteristics of transducers such as Temperature Transducers, Optical Transducer.

5. Basic Electronics Lab:

It is intended for students to study the behavior of various types of Electron Devices and their application in Basic Electronic Circuits.

6. Digital Electronics Lab :

This lab is designed for the students to study the realization of logic gates using Transistor, Diode, Resistor & Combinational & Sequential Circuits (e.g., flip-flop, counters and registers) etc.

7. Analog and digital integrated circuit Lab :

This lab is primarily meant for the design of analog and digital ICs.

Course Curriculum

B.Tech in Electronics Communication And Engineering Course Curriculum  Download

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