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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in 1996 at the same time when the Institute was established. It offers a four year B.Tech program in Computer Science & Engineering. The department has been growing since then in various dimensions like infrastructural facilities, lab facilities and academic activities. It offers hard-core courses of Computer Science and Engineering to provide the students detailed knowledge of computer hardware and software and also offers elective courses from various streams like Distributed Processing, Parallel Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advance Computer Networks, Advance DBMS, Multi-Core Architecture, etc to encourage and motivate the students for higher studies and develop research interests in different areas. The syllabi and courseware are updated regularly to incorporate the cutting edge technologies as well as ensuring a firm grasp of core fundamentals. The department offers a basic programming course to 1st year students of all branches of B.Tech program and a few required courses to postgraduate students of Bio-informatics department. The department is well equipped with the state of art laboratory facilities. The department has an enthusiastic team of faculty members who are always ready to help the students for their all round development.


Dr. Renu Jain
Associate Professor
Ph.D. BITS Pilani
Area of Research: Natural Language Processing, Algorithms , Machine Learning
Dr. Ravindra Nath
(Director & Head of Department)
Computer Science and Engineering
Associate Professor
Ph.D. CSJMU Kanpur
Area of Research:Computer Algorithm,Randamized Algorithms, Computer Networks,Theoritical Computer Science , Hidden Morkov Model
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Deepak Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor UPTU, Lucknow
Ph.D. UPTU Lucknow
Area of Research: ad-hoc networks security
Mr. Shesh Mani Tiwari
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. KSOU
Dr. Sandesh Gupta
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. UPTU, Lucknow
Area of Research: Digital Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Biometric Security
Dr. Alok Kumar
Assistant Professor UPTU, Lucknow
Ph.D. UPTU Lucknow
Area of Research: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
Mrs. Suruchi Kanaujiya
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. UPTU Lucknow

Mr. Mohd. Shah Alam
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. KSOU


The CSE department is well equipped with laboratory facilities having four laboratories.

1. Core CSE Lab :
  • Equipped with a Window 2000 Server & 40 nodes connected via LAN .
  • Used for teaching Computer Fundamentals and Programming to all the first year B.Tech students.
  • Used by the faculty and students to avail the Internet facility.
2. Advance Lab:
  • 60 computers having Window 7 professional operating system and Linux operating system
  • Connected to both Window 2000 server and Linux server via LAN.
  • Computers are equipped with latest softwares like Apache Tomcat 5.0.29, J2SDK 1.5.0, J2EE Server 1.4, Jakarta ANT, Oracle 10G, Jakarta Struts, Jakarta Cactus, Net Beans IDE1.4 etc.
  • Used by Final Year students for B.Tech. projects.
  • Used for Object-Oriented programming, AWT programming, Network programming and Database programming and for advanced courses like Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, etc.
  • Used by the final year students to avail the Internet facility for project purposes and also organizes online certified workshops.
3. Digital and Microprocessor lab:
  • Have 8085 microprocessor kits and 8086 microprocessor kits with assembler and disassembler.
  • Has different interfacing cards like Temperature measurement, stepper motor interface, seven segment display, traffic light simulator card,etc.
  • Used for teaching the design of combinational circuits like Half adder, Full adder, decoder, multiplexer etc. and sequential circuits like flip flops, registers, counters etc. using 7400 series ICs.
4. Multicore Lab:
  • 10 nodes are connected via LAN.
  • Used by final year students for experiment of multi-core architecture.

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