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The Department of Chemistry of the UIET has been running various teaching courses for three departments of the institute such as Chemical Engineering, Material Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering besides teaching one basic course in Chemistry for all six branches of Engineering.

The department is most actively involved in high quality research of international standards. It is clearly evident with the number of publications in the top most journals of the world. The situation is fully ripe for us to provide academic and research leadership to the city of Kanpur and other neighbouring cities. We are also well poised to organize state level seminars, symposia and conferences.


Dr. Arpita Yadav

Associate Professor
(Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)
Specialization: Computational Chemistry
Area of Research: Quantum Pharmacology
Dr. Rashmi Dubey

Assistant Professor
(C.S.J.M.University, Kanpur)
Area of Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Area of Research: Polymer Science
Dr. B.P. Singh
Head of Department
Assistant Professor
(B.H.U., Varanasi
Post Doctoral, University De Rennes, France)
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Research: Materials/ Natural Product
Dr. Ratna Shukla

Assistant Professor
(G.B.T.U, Lucknow)
Area of Specialization: Physical Chemistry
Area of Research: Chemical Kinetics


1. Under Graduate Laboratory:

Well equipped laboratory for undergraduates in order to enable the students to understand the practical aspects of Chemistry. It caters to 1st year B.Tech students of all the six branches of Engineering for the core course of Chemistry (CHM-101)

2. Research Laboratories:

Three research laboratories were established with the help of funds granted by UGC, CSIR and DST.

a) Polymer Chemistry Lab:

Well equipped for Polymer synthesis through Chemical and photochemical routes.

b) Computational Chemistry Lab:

Well equipped with latest computing facilities and software (Configuration Commensurate with Gauss 03) for in silico drug designing and quantum pharmacology studies.

c) Photoelectro Solar Cell Lab:

Well equipped to prepare Thin Film Electrodes and to study their applications.

Course Curriculum

The Department runs a basic Chemistry course for all the 1st year engineering students and an advanced course for 3rd year Chemical and Mechanical students.

1. CHM-101: Basic Chemistry course

Atoms and Molecules, Reaction Dynamics, Electrochemistry, Stereochemistry, Spectroscopic Techniques, Organic Reactions, Photochemistry,Transition Metal Chemistry
Laboratory (10-12 Experiments)

2.CHM-301: Advanced Chemistry course

Chemistry of Materials, Polymers, Chemistry of cells, Corrosion, Water Treatment, Fuels, Environmental Pollution, Clusters.

Publications & Projects

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